story A Birthday Bike

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story A Birthday Bike

مُساهمة  Better moon في السبت نوفمبر 27, 2010 2:26 pm

A Birthday Bike

Michael's birthday was coming soon, so he asked his dad for a bicycle so that he would not need to walk to school anymore. However, Michael's dad had lost his job and did not have much money. Michael got a book instead but he did not complain.
One bright and sunny day while Michael was walking past a convenience store on his way to school, he saw a big boy on a bike. The bike was too small for the boy. As the boy was turning around a corner, the bike skidded on a puddle of water and crashed into a lamp-post.
The boy was a prefect in Michael's school. Michael recognised him. The boy's name was William. William seemed to have broken his leg. Michael picked up William's bike which was not damaged and rode to the nearby hospital to get help. A few minutes later, an ambulance came and brought William to the hospital. Michael rode William's bike to school so he would not be late for class.
After school, Michael quickly rode the bicycle to William's house with a book and a jigsaw puzzle for William. William was not too seriously hurt. He was discharged after his leg was put in a cast.
To Michael's surprise, William was getting a new bike on his birthday in two months' time and Michael could have William's old bike. Michael was overjoyed. From then on, Michael and William became good friends. Michael visited William every day till William's leg was healed


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Better moon

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مُساهمة  didi في الثلاثاء نوفمبر 30, 2010 4:07 am

Est témoin de beau

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